after Gone Girl this suspense thriller will keep you in suspense

after Gone Girl this suspense thriller will keep you in suspense

If horror films are a safe bet for Netflix, the SVOD platform can also count on these breathtaking thrillers combining investigation, action and suspense. It should therefore not be surprising to see this type of film multiplying, since success is often there. This is particularly the case with this new film well established in the top 10 of the platform.

The success of Thrillers on Netflix

From thrillers with a dark and cold atmosphere, to more Hollywood ones focusing on action and humor, this cinematographic genre has for him to be particularly vast and to be able to please everyone. Films of the genre are often among the most watched on streaming sites, which therefore do not intend to stop there.

A new production stamped Netflix has logically just landed and quickly slipped into the platform’s top 10 films, occupying today the second place of the most watched films in France. Directed by Suzette Couture and Donald Martin, Her name is The grip of vice (Cheeky, in English) and is a new adaptation made in Netflix. This time, it’s a novel by the author with 400 million books sold, Nora Roberts, which is adapted.

A new novel adaptation on Netflix

The novelist who inspired The grip of vice may well be known, the adaptation of his book does not seem to convince the critics for the moment. And yet, it seems that the dark atmosphere and the scenario are gripping enough to attract many spectators. We follow the character of Grace McCabe, a successful writer specializing in noir novels and played by actress Alyssa Milano, notably seen in the series Charm.

But with her years of experience in detective stories, Grace has also become an expert on crime. An expertise that will unfortunately particularly serve her since when she goes to her sister’s house in Washington, she finds her murdered. She therefore decides to investigate this death which upset her and will notably discover that her sister had financial problems and had to take a job as a cam-girl specializing in sado-masochism in addition to her work as a teacher. Atmosphere 50 Shades of Gray assured. And because we’re on Netflix, the character of Grace will obviously find herself confronted with a terrible serial killer.

The grip of vice is currently available on Netflix and continues to squat the top 10 movies there.