Mum baffled by pink egg in frying pan – and she’s warned not to eat it

Mum baffled by pink egg in frying pan – and she’s warned not to eat it

Beena Sarangdhar screamed after breaking an egg into a frying pan as it was completely pink, and after sharing a photo online she was warned not to eat it.

A pink egg in a frying pan
Beena Sarangdhar was horrified after finding a pink egg in her frying pan

A mum has been left baffled after cracking eggs into a frying pan to cook her children’s breakfast – because one of the yolks was completely pink.

Beena Sarangdhar, from Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, screamed when she made the unusual discovery, but soon her horror turned to curiosity and she cracked open the rest of the eggs.

To her surprise, everyone else was fine, so she took a photo of the pink egg and shared it online – and soon others were warning her not to eat it, as Herts Live reports. .

Beena told her children to stay away and did some research, and it turned out the egg had turned pink due to bacteria that can cause serious illness in humans.

After sharing the photo online, Beena was urged not to eat the egg

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Beena said: “I imagined an egg yesterday and opened the egg in the frying pan as usual.

“Then, as it fell into the pan, I screamed because I had never seen a pink egg before.

“The children came running to see what had happened and their reaction was typical, [they went] ‘errr’.”

Beena then saw that the other eggs were perfectly fine – but this was something she had certainly never seen before.

She added: “I then broke the other two eggs from the same box, but they were normal.

“It was really weird because they were up to date and there were only a few left. I bought them from the local Asda in Watford.

“It put me off for a second, but after that everyone was craving an egg on toast!”

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a cloudy egg white is a sign that the egg is very fresh, and a a clear egg white indicates that the egg is aging.

But pink or pearly egg whites indicate spoilage from Pseudomonas bacteria, which can lead to headaches, swelling, and even pneumonia.

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